AFA Directions | 「日本語版へ」

Event Venue: Suntec Convention Centre
Around 10 minutes walk from the City Hall MRT Station (through Esplanade MRT A Exit)
Around 5 minutes walk from Esplanade MRT A exit.

From City Hall MRT Station to Esplanade MRT Station (Exit A)

① Take a right turn from the City Hall MRT exit. The guardian pharmacy on your side is a good place to stock up on cheap drinks and medicine.

② Follow the path until reaching the escalator.

⑦ Go up the escalator and turn left

⑧ Go straight ahead and follow the path until reaching Exit A of the Esplanade MRT station.

From Esplanade MRT Station (Exit A) to Suntec Convention Centre

⑩ Exit from the Exit A of the Esplanade MRT Station

⑪ Use the escalator to go outside.

⑫ After getting outside, turn right and go back.

⑬ Keep going pass by H&M, the taxi stand and UNIQLO.

⑭ Turn left at the next turn until reaching the giant screen.

⑮ Use the escalator beside the Giant Screen and go up.

⑯ Take a right turn after getting off the escalator.

⑰ Go up and get to the convention centre.

* There has not been any news about the location of day ticket sales. Those who hold VIP and CAT2 live tickets do not need any entrance tickets.